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Sensory Warm up!

What is your warm up like when you hit the gym or studio? Why do you do it? We all know that warming up is incredibly important in order for us not to hurt ourselves as we lift heavy weights, or move in different ways. But did you ever think that you could be missing things in your warm up that could make your training session better? Even fantastic?

We have a million sensory receptors in our skin. These sensory receptors tell our brain where we are in space. They help increase what we call our proprioceptive awareness. Punctures to the skin, scars, tattoos, places where there have been surgeries can all affect the sensory receptors. When these receptors turn off, it's like turning off a light switch. We don't have a clear picture of the room, and therefore can't move about in it safely. A good way to activate sensory receptors is through light touch, massage, vibration, and pressure. Here is a warm up I do, courtesy of ZHealth Performance and Foundation Training that help prep me for the day. Attached below is Dr. Cobb of ZHealth talking through the warm up. Enjoy! And let us know how it feels!

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