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Chip and David

"I have been fortunate enough to have been working with Casey for about 2 years in a Pilates studio. Her addition of foundation training has been invaluable for me. My husband was so impressed with my enthusiasm for integrating foundation training into Pilates that he also has started training with her. Casey has a quick eye for weaknesses and needs. She has a definite plan for each of her clients. She is firm and always challenging, but matches that with encouragement and a sense of humor. Casey has done more for us than anyone else ever has. Her continued studies and love of learning enable her to find new and interesting ways to build strength and correct some long-existing weaknesses. We are both very grateful to her. -Chip and David


Casey is exceptional. She started with what I was able to do, and began building a program to meet my specific needs. She is tough on me but very supportive and encouraging. And she notices everything: nothing escapes her attention to detail. I have been working with Casey for several months now, and I am markedly better. -Juliane 


"When I was first diagnosed, Casey offered to do a Pilates session at my home. I had never done Pilates before and fell in love with the movement. Casey was a big part of my strength training going into surgery. I am grateful she has been able to help myself and other breast cancer survivors since she is Pink Ribbon Certified. She is one talented gem and I am so grateful for her friendship and knowledge of the human body."



I'm new to Pilates so I didn't know what to expect.  Casey is amazing!  I started as a total newbie, easing into it over the last six months. In a single session, she got me from not being able to touch my toes by about six inches (I have ridiculously long legs) to almost touching them by half an inch!  Also, I have had chronic neck pain with a pinched nerve for over almost two years.  Casey is so knowledgeable about the body that she showed me a simple stretch that seemed to make the problem vanish. I'm now a believer in Pilates.  I feel so great!

-Nolan L.


After having back surgery a few years ago, I have struggled to have the confidence to do much exercising.  After a few personal training sessions, not only have I got back into a life filled with more movement; I have gotten more into life.  Casey's combination of Pilates, Dance, Foundation Training, Z-health, and glowing personality create a wonderful personal experience.  I loved that she was willing to stop the direction of a session when she sees some  individual joint mobility or movement that can be improved, worked on that movement with small tasks which could then be taken home for further improvement, and then continued with the original plan; with greater success.  Her attention to detail in the whole body movement pushes her above all the other trainers I have seen.

-Rob D.


"I am so thankful that I found Casey to explore Foundation Training. It was clear to me during my first training that Casey was a gifted teacher who was able to break technique down into comprehensible pieces. I was so impressed with her ability to not just instruct technique, but explain the physiological mechanics behind movement. Casey is so skilled at modifying instruction to make sure I was successful during each session.  In fact, she made sure I was able to apply the techniques to activities outside the training that I never considered. Casey went above and beyond to make sure I had positive and rewarding training experiences."

-Paul G.

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