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What is Zhealth?

Ok guys, I get asked the question all the time, "What is ZHealth?" My short answer is "brain based training!" But what does that mean???? What does it mean to train, workout, and create your exercise routine based on your brain rather than just working the muscle tissue? All that stuff inside that thick skull of yours controls the way you move, think, and perceive the world around you. Your reality is based on how healthy your brain is, and if there's any slight dysfunction, blockage, or mechanics that aren't working just right, it can spiral down the chain and affect everything. So when you exercise, with your brain in mind, you are working from a "holistic" model, an all encompassing lens. Here is a fantastic video from the guys over at ZHealth ( about why it is important to workout, train and exercise with that Central Nervous System in mind! Check it out ;


Education Credit: ZHealth Performance

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