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Podcast Alert!

Like many millennials, I am a podcast fanatic and my library is filled with health and wellness, pain management, and neuroscience shows. But in the past five months I have really enjoyed dipping into psychology podcasts! As a coach and motivator, so much of my job diving into the psychology of habit building and soothing/encouraging/dealing with multiple personalities during the day. So I find many of these discussions on relationships, neuroscience, love, change, and a personal perspectives/realities all fascinating. When looking at the body from a holistic perspective we have to take into account everything!!!! Muscle, bone, organs, brain, physiological systems, nutrition, lifestyle, trauma(past/present), relationships, work life, love, and family. IT's SO FREAKING MUCH!

I loved this podcast by my health and wellness guru, Ben Greenfield and life coach, Mastin Kipp. They discuss life purpose, Tony Robbins, Oprah, burning fat to build muscle, trauma, and much more! Check it out and leave me a comment! Enjoy your podcasting!

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