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 ZHealth performance 

What if you could train your brain to fix your body?


What if pain does not equal injury?


What if we can use the advances in neuroscience to optimize our physical and mental potential?


Developed by Dr. Eric Cobb, ZHealth is an integrative, holistic, and neurological approach to movement, performance enhancement, and rehabilitation. Every choice we make, every movement we take is decided by the brain. Therefore, the only logical approach to healing, better movement, and optimized performance is too look at the body from the perspective of the brain and utilize neuroanatomy in our training sessions. This approach employs the visual system and the vestibular system as well as biomechanics. Through a series of assessments and reassessments, clients will learn which system needs rehabilitation, proper drills to correct these dysfunctions, and the coaching to support them.

After having back surgery a few years ago, I have struggled to have the confidence to do much exercising.  After a few personal training sessions, not only have I got back into a life filled with more movement; I have gotten more into life.  Casey's combination of Pilates, Dance, Foundation Training, Z-health, and glowing personality create a wonderful personal experience.  I loved that she was willing to stop the direction of a session when she sees some  individual joint mobility or movement that can be improved, worked on that movement with small tasks which could then be taken home for further improvement, and then continued with the original plan; with greater success.  Her attention to detail in the whole body movement pushes her above all the other trainers I have seen.

-Rob D.